Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ubuntu - Dead then Alive

For some very strange reason, my Ubuntu died on me today, most probably from aMSN crashing. So I said "well let's just reinstall everything from scratch". I tried to boot the CD I had burned (and used to install Ubuntu the first time with it) it did not want to. After battling with burning a new CD, using a couple of Linux to USB stick softwares trying to boot the OS, nothing worked. I eventually gave up and dug up an older version of Ubuntu. I booted that up, went on to format my drive and install it. To my amazement, instead of having the older OS, my current OS booted after the reboot with everything I already had there. Funny thing, I guess my HDD decided to lock down itself from changes. Now all is well and dandy.

Now I'm looking for something new to do, like develop on Linux (with GUI of course).

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