Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Day on the Blog

Welcome everyone to my blog. Being the first day on my blog (sounds more like a job saying it now), i frankly do not know what to blab about at this moment, so I'll guess I'll start with a simple intro. In essence, I'll be blabbing about the things that i pick interest about, and sometimes things with no sense whatsoever.

Until next post


  1. Well that's kinda interresting mr. engineer; ur sis is the first one to comment on ur blog hihihi

  2. Mabrook good blog its organized and unclattered. well lookie here our little goaty got his first follower *winkwink*

  3. Mr. Yammine,

    regarding what you said in the intro:

    some times the things with no sense are the ones that make the most sense whatsoever.

    i believe i told u that once. It still holds true for me, i hope it does so too for you.

    congrats on ur graduations mr. engineer, and congrats on the blog.

    just got one thing to say really, i still absolutely detest ur photo. i hate the raybans :)